The Petalo Platform

The new Petalo Platform harnesses the dynamism of technology to drive innovation across senior care operations.

Leveraging the power of Amazon’s Alexa and the latest in artificial intelligence technology, the Petalo Platform seeks to increase interoperability within senior care facilities – from the inside out.

The Petalo platform delivers a first-of-its-kind experience to senior living communities, their staff, management teams, and guests that goes beyond the typical legacy system.

  • Robust Technology and Improved Facility Operations;
  • Customizable Service, using voice-first technology;
  • Enterprise-Level Support and Solutions, including a mobile app for caregivers to triage assistance requests and a dynamic dashboard to track and highlight key performance indicators in real-time.

Residents or guests can use the Petalo platform to communicate directly with nursing staff to request medication, get menus, or activity calendars — more quickly and efficiently than ever before.

For facility nursing and management staff, the Petalo platform allows for more effective, real-time ability to respond to guest requests right as they arise. The platform also enables increased job satisfaction along with reduced turnover, which is typically high across the senior care industry.