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Meeting the demands of consumerism in healthcare

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For centuries, consumers have measured healthcare providers by one metric: clinical outcome. Today, as senior living becomes more healthcare-oriented, consumers no longer focus so narrowly on outcomes. They are tired of being treated as a number instead of a human being. They now expect the same personalized and frictionless service from healthcare providers as they experience at their favorite retail store or boutique hotel. This shift toward healthcare consumerism is growing, and expectations placed on providers are increasing.

So, what can you, as a provider, do?

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3 Ways Voice-First Technology can Help Older Adults in the Era of Social Distancing

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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread across the country, our day-to-day lives continue to be drastically altered. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in fact, recommends that older adults stay home as much as possible due to the virus’ high fatality rate for people aged 60 or more years. The result: older adults in senior living communities may be even more restricted, and those living on their own largely are isolated in their homes and advised to keep physical contact with other people to a minimum.

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Driving Employee Engagement with Technology

Employee engagement, and the myriad tools surrounding the topic, has become a business buzzword of the 21st century. But what exactly is engagement, and is it really the panacea for everything from customer satisfaction to profitability? And if there is a direct correlation between employee engagement and overall business success, then how do organizations enable and promote engagement?

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National Lutheran Communities & Services Selects Petalo to Deliver Innovative Customer Service and Improve Staff Efficiency

National Lutheran Communities & Services (NLCS) has selected Petalo, a company focused on interoperability, to deploy an innovative technology platform at two of its Washington, D.C.-area facilities. Features and specific focus areas for the Petalo platform are tailored to each customer organization. For NLCS, the platform will…

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Interview with Petalo President & CEO, Camille Roussel

“Technology is advancing at an exponential rate, and unfortunately healthcare has not kept pace, but there is no reason we can’t catch up and provide the same type of experience folks expect from Amazon, Starbuck’s and Apple, in the healthcare space.” Camille Roussel’s recent interview in CEOCFO Magazine explains how Petalo is building a platform that addresses the specific needs of senior care providers.

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New Senior Care Technology Company Launches, a company that harnesses Amazon’s Alexa to engage residents with personalized interactions, has announced its launch and market entry.

The company was founded by Camille Roussel and Jason Gottschalk to be a voice-first customer engagement platform that increases customer satisfaction and improves staff efficiency.

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Washington Business Journal

How two Maryland entrepreneurs are taking Amazon’s Alexa to senior care

Two Rockville startup founders are out to change the game for senior living, to save employees time and make life easier for residents — with help from a familiar friend.

Petalo, the year-old company with a voice-enabled system to improve communication at senior care facilities, is preparing to launch its product in June following a pilot phase at the Village of Rockville. And Amazon’s Alexa (NASDAQ: AMZN) is that voice.

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Two Rockville entrepreneurs are giving a voice to seniors through a familiar person of sorts, Amazon’s Alexa. Petalo (formerly PrimroseIntel) has developed a new system with Alexa that’s helping improve communication at senior care facilities. Patricia Villone reports.